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Once you have checked availability, you can reserve your holiday by contacting us directly on mail@brisa-del-mar.co.uk and using electronic bank transfer or PayPal  to pay your deposit to secure the booking. The deposit to secure your booking is 25% of the total accommodation rent outside the high season and 50% of the rent during June, July and August. To initiate a booking please send us your email address and contact details at mail@brisa-del-mar.co.uk or through the Contact Us link and we will send you instructions for securing your booking and making a payment by electronic bank transfer, credit card using PayPal or sending a cheque through the post. 

We would like to draw your attention to our Booking Terms & Conditions below in particular that you accept these once you have paid your initial deposit.

To transfer funds via PayPal, please use the email address euro@brisa-del-mar.co.uk for payments in Euros (€) and pound@brisa-del-mar.co.uk for payments in Sterling (£). This payment method will incur an additional PayPal handling fee of approximately 3.5%.

Terms & Conditions








Please note that payment of your initial deposit denotes you have read, understood and accepted our Booking Terms & Conditions. Printer Friendly copy of Booking Terms & Conditions.

Alternative Booking


Alternatively if you prefer you can use the well known holiday booking company, VillaRenters who have an online booking system on the following link:


http://www.rentalsystems.com/advert_summary.asp?ref=25835&rag=30100F&rcam=ownerweb&pr=1 Property Reference 25835.


We also advertise on the following Holiday Travel web sites:


Niumba http://www.niumba.com/region-de-murcia/murcia/apartamentos/la-azohia/142269 Property Reference 142269.




Spain-holiday http://www.spain-holiday.com/rentals/accommodations/properties/3482/La+Azohia/51/Murcia/13/Murcia/La+Azohia.html Property Reference 3482.


If you have any difficulties, please contact us at mail@brisa-del-mar.co.uk or through the Contact Us link. 


We recommend that you read the corresponding Terms & Conditions for VillaRenters or Spain-Holiday when booking through these sites.